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My Review of Chods Cheats


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So i've been meaning to type something to review and express my feelings about the Chods Cheats Community and the service they provide. 
I have not done this yet as i want to put some depth and thought into my reviews as im typically not a person to review products but rather 

just like downvote it or low stars.... 

Recently I had an user looking to purchase and they had asked me in a PM what i think of Chods and well, I suppose here is my review. 

Im a dedicated user, Id personally say that Chods Cheats is an amazing cheat provider and ive been using them for 2~ years and I have only had 1 ban ever and that was recently where the cheat Driver created by mr.coderleon was detected and for 5 days it was down.

 during those 5 days we received compensation and even offered refunds as store credit since dayz was detected 1 week after it's release.

all hacks include Player Esp and security with Signature changing every 30 minuets so no ID is ever the same leaving anti-cheats to detect.

i have used the following cheats and enjoyed them:
 Dayz ( Got banned after release but it was just bad timing where they updated the AC ) 
CS:GO loved it rage hacked and didnt get VAC banned just game banned by overwatch so that is my fault 
Apex Legends ( Recently had a detection because the driver is the same as Dayz, Im yet to be banned i've been hacking since it came out )
Escape From Tarkov ( amazing i have not been banned but there has been Manual bans  not by the anti-cheat but by developers) 
Dead By Daylight  ( i was unable to test that i couldn't  get it working so i requested a pause on my account and they paused my service )

In my 2~ Years of using Chods Cheats I love it and would recommend it to anyone who requested. 

there is always room for improvement when it comes to cheating but still that is always going to happen. 

support is fast and easy with answering questions. and i enjoy talking to the support team as they are fast and responsive!

TL:DR, Great Cheats, it's very legit and trustworthy. support is great.

Edited by Animu
Edit 1: Topic: Apex legends detection, I understood it incorrectly it wasn't an detection but an anticheat update 
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45 minutes ago, Animu said:

Okay, i understood it as the Driver for apex was detected resulting in bans too, i got caught in the Dayz after it went public


Ah right, yeah Don confirmed Apex wasn't detected. Only DayZ was.

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