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apex last detection?


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I can tell you, you only get banned if you are blatant and many reports. You'll never get banned using Chods. Or at least, they're trying to provide you with that safety.

I've been using it for more than 2-3 weeks blatantly and I've never been banned, but I know some guys that were - but that's their fault. Cheat is undetected.

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there has never been a Chod detection on Apex. sofar ive only heard about 2 ppl getting banned due to blatant cheating, so if you dont overdo it you should be fine BUt there is allways a risk.

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2 hours ago, sofly1911 said:

When ever I do get on apex I cheat like crazy, nothing I would ever do on EFT and yet never been banned. 

So is it not possible to be banned via report? 
How is it that you think that you get away with blatant hacking on Apex? I am unfamiliar with the Apex cheat detection methods. I used EFT and could basically do anything I want on US servers.

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