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[WTS] Steam Main Account Level 34, 115 Games-PUBG, ARMA3, COD BO3, CSGO


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For sale my main steam account level 34,  with 115 games and 113 DLC.  CSGO rank is Global Elite with about 230 wins.


List of notable games:


Garry's Mod

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Cities Skylines

Arma 2, 3 + DLCs  (Arma 2 - DayZ Mod, Operation Arrowhead) (Arma 3 - Apex, Helicopters, Karts, Malden, Marksmen, Zeus


Mad Max

Resident Evil 4, 5, 6

Mortal Kombat X

Dirt 3

American Truck Simulator + DLCs

Dead Rising 2 + 4DLCs

Car Mechanic

The Witcher 2

Tomb Raider


Price: GBP 100    GBP 65


Payment via Paypal friends n family. A community middleman will be used to ensure a smooth transaction - no exceptions.


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If you are planning on making a quick sale I would recommend lowering your price, It's way too high, speaking from my own experience with account selling.



Level: 0-34 (14$)

Good Games: CS:GO (15$) | ArmA 3 (15$) | Black Ops 3 (6$) | PUBG (10$).



Kind Regards,


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Thank you for the suggestion, I don't have much experience in account selling, and i didn't realise the prices of these games had dropped so much. Last I checked, Black Ops 3 was around £40... 

I will indeed lower the price.

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