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My review of Tarkov cheese.


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I purchased from Chods on this day '07/20/18' and was very upset when I found out how often they were down because I thought I was losing out on time. 
But Chods does something that I have not seen any other 'provider' do, and that is refund your down time. This already puts Chods on the top of my list.  

The bread and butter of Chods for an easy and enjoyable experience to me is how nice and customization the ESP is.
Being able to change what your esp is able to detect to what you are trying to grind for is so nice because it has helped me single down for just quest items and things of high value.

Everything under the aimbot tab: I typically do not use the Aimbot because some times I find it kind of unreliable. some times it will shoot to the ceiling or far left, ect ect.
The recoil and no spread is very helpful and perfectly functional as far as I can tell, and I have both of these on at all times. 

When ever unlimited stamina is on, or the auto unlocker, it makes the game just that much more enjoyable. I typically had both of these options on 24/7, aswell as no visor. 
Even the no clip on big maps like woods or shoreline is quite nice. 

All in all I have been rage hacking since day one, and I have not gotten banned or penalized once, so I trust Chods as my only tarkov cheat provider. 

GodRockSnow ❤️

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