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Hello, i am someone who had used cheese for a little now. Since the takedown of all features except for Aim and ESP i have been a little frustrated, because when i pay for an item or product i expect to be able to use all of the features. I know Chod does all he can to keep us safe and i am grateful for that. But i also do think we should have the version where we can use all of the feature but have a warning saying that something in this version might be detected and you can get banned from it. I know what risks i am putting myself in by using these cheats. It is also simple economics, that when someone purchases an item or product, they should get the full benefits of the item or product. I also know that Chod has added 15 days to our subscription for the inconvenience and i am also very grateful for that, but like i said before, i think we should have the option. Thanks. ~SladeLegend

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Everyone got 15 days added, and if we get all of them back before that its free days.


Been said hundred times, there will be no second client, yolo mode and other shit.


You SUBSCRIBE to gain access to firefly client and that has ever changing features. You don't pay for auto unlocker. This is the first when lots of options got removed, give them at least 15 days to work on it.


This situation is not optimal neither for chod and you. Loss off revenue and increased workload. 

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To be honest with you I would rather use a safe site with coders that look out for their customers where most cheating sites do not care about their customers and are very unfriendly towards their customers. Chod and his team do everything they can to avoid us getting bans. Should of done a bit more reading before purchasing the cheat if you are upset about it.

I would rather and I am sure I can speak for most people here, to use these cheats and support these guys so they can create a safer way for us to use more options, not complaining about how he runs his cheat site.


Also as a business major, Chod someone who is selling a product for games risking a ban to his customers whom I may add is making sure his customers are as safe as they can be creates trust between him and his customers. Trusting a seller creates a happy customer and happy customer goes around telling his or her friends about how great this product is and how great the staff is, resulting in more customers. therefore no money lost and, if he loses people who complain about not being able to use EVERY single cheat isn't a loss due to there is less people complaining and more people happy to the fact of not getting banned. 


If you are unhappy go use sites where their cheats damage your computer software and or get detected and do not compensate you for days lost during updates not complaining about why hes trying to keep everyone in this community safe and taking away certain options for cheats that are potentially detected after an update. 

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@Sauce Ok so did you read all of my statement? There is two sides of it and you're only covering one side, the safe side. There is no safe side when Cheesing, There is always a risk, just some risks are greater than others. All i was saying is that when you are the producer and sell of a product don't advertise a full product and only give 2/4's of it. Because when i purchased the product it had all the features and i really enjoy using cheese. It's a really good one out of all the others, i just this that, We the people who have spent our hard earned money on this product, should have the full rights to use it how they want. Go take a Civics class and you will learn the business cycle, and economics. But i do appreciate the feedback and your opinion!

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While I am just a new guy around here, I like to read the forums and see what people think about the program and their input. While I see where you are coming from @SladeLegend you have to think about it from the "greater good" perspective. Chod is looking out not only for our accounts but for his business too. If one dangerous feature gets detected, there is a mass ban wave and then he doesn't have customers anymore. If we aren't happy/not using the product he and his team provide, he doesn't have a business anymore. Believe me when I say, he and his team are taking WAY more risk than we are as consumers. 


Whatever amount you paid to use the cheat is peanuts compared to the risk they are taking here. I used to use a cheat for WoW back in the day for that little edge in the arena and to level characters while I was asleep. It was a good run at almost two years, but in the end it got detected and I got lucky-- only a 6 month suspension (some of you may even remember this, one of the largest ban waves in the history of WoW, they HAD to only SUSPEND folks or they wouldn't have had a customer base anymore...) and I was back playing. The providers of that cheat were in FEDERAL COURT because Blizzard sued the pants off them. Now is BattleState going to do that kind of thing? Probably not, they don't have the clout that Blizzard does. But its always a possibility I suppose. 


In the end, use what is provided and quite honestly now that you know the deal...your account doesn't auto renew. It will be your choice to click that "Pay Now" button at the end of your 30 days or whatever. I am willing to bet you renew, this is a great program and I enjoy it-- I think you do too. 

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