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Testimonial for Realm Royale Chods Cheats. Version Nov 22nd.


**Updated for December 20th**


Aim-bot - Snaps to the head or near instantly with key-bind. The key-bind is changeable, also has Fov adjustment. Put it real low range from 3-10 for more realistic aiming. Anything higher than 15 looks very BOT like and will snap instantly.  8/10


Speed - I didn't play around with this due to getting banned multiple times before enabling this feature on.


ESP - Shows Boxes around Enemy and Loot! Shows HP and Armor around the box. Loot/item esp are a different color and very useful. The boxes lag when people are farther away but I felt the range detection when the boxes shown were good enough range to really justify. The esp is not 3D, would definitely like to see that. There is a skill in Realm Royale [Flare] that can see enemy in 3D behind walls. Having Glow, Weapon, Name esp added would be wonderful.   8/10


Overall - With what time I had with the cheat  I loved it. I was banned 5 times. Each time I got kicked out before match started  with "EAC has taken you out of the match". It wasn't a manual ban or from a report, the cheat itself was detected. I was able to play for 24 hours overall between 5 accounts.  The launcher itself would target notepad.exe which in chods guide is correct. I would Run as administrator get everything up and running but after an hour or two of gaming, notepad/chods cheat program will close/crash and I have to restart the whole process over again. I don't know if that is what gets found in the Anti Cheat but worth mentioning the experience with the overall cheat in my testimonial. 


I like the cheat. I will definitely be subbed for as long as I can. Only sidebar is if I keep getting banned I probably won't be buying another month or throughout the year. 


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13 hours ago, Desir said:

when was your last ban?

I believe it was Wednesday. Played for 6 to 7 hours with it. Then loaded up next game and EAC kicked me out of match. I have tried using about 5 different account and all only last one play session consistent with 4 to 8 hours of play. Then next login I get detected. Don't use your main account lol. Chods will fix it in time! I have faith!

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14 hours ago, Desir said:

do you know if you got ban in realm royale, then other games from hi-rez like smite will get ban too/

Yes. I did get banned in those games as well. Please don't use your main account if you plan on using cheats. I have alot of money put down for Smite and Paladins as well as Realm Royale on my main but I choose to play that account legit. RR is being investigated right now, so we can hope for more security in the future!

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