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I've been here only for less than a month, but that doesn't quite matter. I've never properly introduced myself, never even wrote much on the forums as a whole and now I will do a small but pretty good introduction.

Basically I come from Germany, but I'm latvian decent so basically I come from a latvian family. I have been looking for EAC cheats for CS:GO for a while now and then I came across Interwebz, I don't know if you guys work together, because the forums and how I bought looked simmiliar, but Iwebz was complete ass, no support at all, then I came across here which worked pretty well and I fixed my issues, started to play on EAC, 99DMG League, Esportal etc.


I figured why in the fuck would I buy 100$ LeagueCheats, that have the same anti-cheat support as you guys, and I came here and I am not dissapointed. Basically, I am 20 years old. I've been trying to buy the supporter, donator role but as I had my Swedish VPN for Chrome enabled it triggered some algorythm in support ticket I was told, and now I need to provide some address details etc. which I dont have at the moment in real-life to get a hold of, so I will try to support you more and more, with purchasing more and more in the future.


Anyways, thank you for reading this, I don't quite know if I wrote anything specific, or just bantered around for 5 minutes, but yeah - Hello, and see you later.

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