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So i'll preface this by saying I purchased Chod's EFT hack literally as the ban wave happened so BSG didn't smite me there. The nuke was followed by a rather "long" downtime being ~2 weeks if I'm remembering it correctly. The downtime is your ONLY worry (which shouldn't be, because time is compensated)  here but from my experience if it goes down it is for your own good. Can some of the downtime be lengthy? Sure, but again its to protect the customers and it only seems lengthy because we're all having that good of a time while using the cheese.


Cheat Feature Ratings



  • Shows boxes and/or skeleton
  • Can show weapon being carried
  • Shows health of player
  • Makes looting insanely fast and easy with custom loot filters
  • The "bones" of the skeleton are very well done




  • Allows to lock to all body parts (Head,Neck,Chest,Stomach,R.Arm,L.Arm,R.Leg,L.Leg
  • Tracks targets very smoothly only locking on when clear LOS is apparent
  • Can't aim through fences/windows and objects alike
  • Will not lead, so shots 100M plus on a moving target are hit or miss
  • Experienced many times when aimbot would fling my screen in a direction while trying to use (very annoying)




  • Auto Unlock will unlock all doors whether you have the key or not with no sound queue or action
  • Teleport loot is broken as far as I know only working in OFFLINE mode
  • Speed hack can't go wrong also allows you to adjust speed
  • Noclip is weird I've never really fucked with it just to give myself a sense of security from BSG
  • Unlimited sprint works as intended although I've found jumping will still lower stamina and ADSing will stop the regeneration but not lower
  • Due note I've only been here for 2 short months and I've seen the Misc. Features change or get removed all in general a couple times




MOST if not a majority of features from Chod you WILL NOT see from another provider. The security alone should draw you to this cheat but if not I hope you will take my review into consideration before deciding on a purchase!   

RED = a bad quality

GREEN = a good quality

both being in MY opinion




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