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invisible scav????


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ok so twice now a buddy and i have taken damage and no one was around, once on shoreline inside resort in a hall with no windows, and second on customs while looting scav boss at gas station. the first time on shoreline we just healed and ran to extract, the damage stopped as we ran, but the moment we got still or slowed by extract it started up again. And then on customs, i was one tapped by a scav when no one was around, then my buddy started taking damage and died.

has anyone ran into this???

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I've encountered that pretty often in alpha but not in beta until 0.10 some days ago  i got random damage against my Fort and there was no one around and no sounds. 

This was on my main account so i dont know if there 100% was no one (because i dont use cheese on it), but there was definitely no sounds and i encountered this often in alpha so i assume it's the same bug again.

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