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Escape From Tarkov Beginner - Intermediate Cheat Guide


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Escape From Tarkov Beginner - Intermediate Cheat Guide


Welcome, This guide is for everyone who has just bought EFT and chods cheats, and wants to get their Stash decked out with Item cases, Weapons cases, Money cases and most importantly a Sh*t Tonne of guns, To the players who already have a good stash and knowledge of the game. After Playing EFT since 0.2 and using chods cheats since March of this year I think i have some tips and methods that can help every player. This guide will go over 3 things:

- How to setup and configure your cheat.

- What to do and how to play with cheats.

- How to get gear by using Tactics and methods.


How to Setup & Configure your cheat:


Firstly, We will need to inject the cheat into your game. If you have an issues when doing so refer to the startup guide made by Emiiru: https://chods-cheats.com/guides/nongame/startup-guide/

After the cheat has injected and you have EFT (Escape from Tarkov) Open press insert to open the cheat. You should see a menu like this:


As you can see there are 9 Sections to the cheats menu, Also pay attention to the tab at the top right of the menu labelled "Safe Mode", This will be important later. There are 2 ways you can cheat in games, those two ways are referred to as "Legit" & "Rage". The difference between these two play styles is that "Legit" Means you use the cheat for a slight advantage and pretend to not be using cheats. Then there is raging where you blatantly Go all out on Helpless players. First what you want to do is decide which one of those play styles you want to do.


If you want to play Legit then your going to want to Use a Low FOV Aimbot (or non at all) Possibly with No Recoil, No Sway and No breath. You may also want to make the speed of your aimbot around 2-5. Then goto visuals and you can toggle what you want, Radar Straight up ESP and fine tune it to your liking. Our next main cheat setting is Miscellaneous. A lot of these cheats are locked behind "Safe mode", However one of the best cheats of all time is "Auto Unlocker". This means you can open any locked room accessible or not. So this can be Good and bad. However if you want to leave Safe Mode on then you will have access to night vision which is also equally as good as it will be saving you money.


If you want to play rage then get ready for fast Gear and a lot of fun !HOWEVER! you have a higher chance of being banned. Firstly Turn safe mode off, It's not going to help you, Go to aimbot and make the FOV pretty much anything that works for you. Put on EVERY SINGLE Aimbot setting other than probably "Auto Shoot", Make sure to turn on "Super Bullets" to maximise your damage. Next go to visuals and tweak what you want to your liking just make sure you actually enable it and your fine. Next Miscellaneous, I would recommend binding speed hack ( by right clicking on it tick box) to a key that you can easily press and make sure to select on while button pressed down from the drop box.


And thats pretty much it for configuring your cheat. You can then mess around with the themes and other things until you like your config. (MAKE SURE TO SAVE YOUR CONFIG IN THE SETTINGS.)


What to do and how to play with cheats:


After your config is setup now you will need to actually play the game. Get together the best loadout you possibly can because the more gear you bring in the more gear you get back because you basically cant die (unless you come up against another hacker). For Beginners i would recommend Starting on the map factory and getting used to it as it is small and action packed. (If you are already used to EFT then this part of the guide wont come in handy to you, Sorry). Make sure you pick your PMC As your character as this is your actual player which has the gear from your stash:


You will then have to pick the map "Factory" and choose the time as 3:45PM (13:45:00) As most players who wont dome you and aren't trading are on day time. Next you can insure your gear This is completely up to you whether you want to or not. Now you get into the game. Once in the game depending on your playstyle you will either play like normal, If playing Legit, and try to get loot and use your advantages to kill other players. If you are Raging Then you will speed hack to each and every player and get angles on them to try and kill them, If you die then try to configure your config better. After you have got enough loot what now... Well look for Gate 3 (a Big red gate with the number 3 above it) which is the only extraction you can use if you don't have the auto unlocker or factory key. If you have the auto unlocker you can also extract at gate 0 or the cellars underneath the forklift room. Once you are out put the gear you got in your stash and keep entering raids and get gear and progress through the levels of the game. Learn different maps and the games meta then you are ready for the final section of the guide


How to get gear by using Tactics and methods:


For our final section of the guide i will be sharing 2 of my methods on how to get Fast money and End game gear. It is important to note that you have to rage hack to do these two methods. My first tactic is the "Night time factory squad wipe". For this you will need to bring in Some Good gear and have good knowledge of how the Game works and the map factory. Once in make sure you select night vision on your cheat and tick it so you can see without having to pay. On your ESP find the other squads who are planning to find other squads and get OP gear, Time to rain on their parade. Try and get onto the Scaffolding and vents on the map so you have the high ground. Then you need to hold a cheesy angle and aimbot them and rinse them with super bullets. Once the squad is wiped effortlessly loot them and get their OP Gear then extract. Rinse and repeat until you are decked out with end game gear and a lot of money.


My next method involves wiping everyone on shoreline. Head into shoreline with a Glock and a tommy mag for it. Make sure you have super bullets on as it will shred through enemies. Also bring a big backpack, Meds, Armour and a helmet. Once in the game Speed hack to the Hospital and camp all the entrances. When all the squads come in you will already have the drop on them. Proceed to lace them with rounds and take as much of their gear you can carry. Next check the bitcoin spawns on the map and see if any BTC's spawned. Follow this guide to find all the BTC's:


Rinse and Repeat until you are filled with OP gear and a lot of money.


Thats pretty much it for this guide. If you ever need any help or want to play with me on EFT send me a PM and i will gladly help you guys. Enjoy cheesing!


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On 8/25/2018 at 11:52 AM, Kanuken said:

Do i choose pmc or scav? im really new to this game and i feel like you could really help me mate.


Dont mind my profile picture thats me irl.

Yeah I think you choose the scav boss, pretty good this patch ??

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