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Well to start off i wanted to thank Chod and his ability to create something so amazing. I have never seen anything like this, the fact this has been and staying undetected for so long shows he is dedicated to his work and its really a piece of art.

I only recently bought EFT this month and i had fun playing the first two weeks or so until many people got to 30+ and started to be hella geared. Making it impossible to fight people like that when others are such low levels. unfortunately i couldn't power lvl like some and ive lost all chance to fight people with top tier gear i only get the occasional low tier or hatchling. With this Cheese i dont always win my interactions with others HOWEVER i do find alot of good loot and i can avoid people if i see they are packin heavy shit lol. I think having the advantage of ESP makes these kinds of games so much more interesting/fun etc etc. 


In my opinion

Aimbot is 10/10 *with the occasional miss-hap, Not very often*

ESP is a hard one to rate as as the options we have are brilliant, like whats in bags/pockets etc etc however it would be nice to be able to add a little more customisation to it. i dont exactly know what but i feel there could be more to the esp. since its amazing with what it is im giving it a 10/10 :D

Misc Features OHMYGOSH... auto unlock, unlimited stamina... simply amazing, couldnt of asked for a better feature.  however i dont know if its because i haven't messed with the settings or not but the speed hack was killing me :D and night vision without the risk of losing 100k set of goggles is nice :D


All up this cheese is amazing. very happy i purchased it. will defiantly purchase it again once my sub runs out. 


Once again Thank you Chod for doing such an amazing job :) keep up the goodwork! 

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