Escape from Tarkov Review.


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(First and definitely not the last month using this cheat)

Visuals: 8/10, the visuals are awesome, better than other eft cheeses around. The only issue I have is for example with loot esp, there's no way I've found to remove certain items from the esp without setting up a custom filter which gets reset each time. I'd love for the loot esp to be revamped/worked on to the point we can remove certain items by searching through an entity list to bring the loot esp down to exactly what we need.

Aimbot: 8/10, the aimbot still needs a little work. I've found mostly the main issues are the bug of it being 10m or so to the left of the target for no visible reason. You have to re-aim a few times or re-position and it may fix, but it's somewhat annoying. The other issue which I'd love to be fixed is the insane lock on, I have a hard time switching the body part as my aimbot (when used) is set to both head and chest, but switching between them when locked is extremely hard.

Misc: 10/10, nothing much more to say, everything works like a charm and actually useful features in the misc section. Brilliant work Chod.

Security: Security? If a speedhack works in a game and doesn't get people banned unless they're blatant and have evidence against them, then do we really have to worry about security? :)

Just messing, 10/10, never been banned and never will be if I continue to play legit.


Appreciate all the hard work Chod, especially with circumstances in the past few weeks. Sorry there's a bunch of moany people who simply don't understand, but a lot of us appreciate you and the time you put into all the cheats, although I only use/have EFT.

Got a hangover so gotta go, adios amegos.

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