Tory Boost: 1 to 1 Hours Boosting [$7 Lifetime]


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Description: One-to-one hour boosting client for CSGO and CS 1.6


  • 1:1 Hours boosting for CSGO
  • 1:1 Hours boosting for CS 1.6
  • Manages CSGO and 1.6 game files automatically, and manages a backup of the original game files.
  • Relaunches instances of CSGO and 1.6 at random intervals to simulate gameplay
  • Remembers previously used game directories
  • Ability to reset directories
  • Fully automated unless the game(s) or steam forces an update

Price: $7 for lifetime use and updates included for lifetime.

Purchase: Send a PM for paypal address.

After Purchase: You will receive a download link within 48 business hours

For VIP members only.

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The purpose of this program is to increase my ingame hours right? .... I can just leave the game open (?) ...
SO is this like to boost your hours on csgo i am confused like an idle thing ? :)

Leaving a game open takes allot of power.

With this it simulates the process but without actually using it!

Used for idling.

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Yes I'd advice you use SAM as well, tory is yet again trying to milk money out of the customers of chods. Nice try m3n

this is different than SAM. It doesn't interact with steam's achievement system, it manages the game instances with a simpler method, and restarts the game so it doesn't look like your continuously idling. This is an automated and more secure way of boosting hours. Thousands of people use sam, only a handful use Tory boost. If valve ever decides to ban sam users due to achievement boosting, you're screwed.

You also dont need to give me your username and password like other services ask for. This is all done o. Your machine.

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