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12 minutes ago, warcat115 said:

Depends on the Anti-Cheat and the game.
In CSGO yes you can get banned while you are offline because they are collecting data for sometime. On Battleye and stuff I dont really know.

okay, does cs go HWID ban?
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1 minute ago, Faceless said:
1 minute ago, vanfuzy said:
okay, does cs go HWID ban?
no csgo does not do hwid bans. You are fine if you just use a new account and rebuy the game.
do you know of any cs go account services?
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Just now, Faceless said:
@vanfuzy Do you want keys or accounts? For accounts you can check out playerauctions.com

For Keys i always use mmoga.de or http://www.keyforsteam.de/kaufen-cs-global-offensive-cd-key-preisvergleich/

Just use google there are lots of sites (:
Or like Dr.Snif said use the marketplace on Chod's!
both really :D I will check the sites out and thanks again for the help :D
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