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Steam Account with:

LVL 106
9 Years badge

5,944h on record
82 Games ( Value: 1434$)
1 Game ban (Battalion 1944) / and ban in GTA5 (doesnt show up as ban on profile)

45 Sites of +reps


Kingdom Come: Deliverence, Insurgency, Rocket League, ARK, Mx vs Atv: Reflex, Pubg, CSS, Dead by Daylight, Space Engineers, Stellaris, Arma 3, CSGO, Don't Starve + Together, COD MW2, Miscreated, Squad, Dying Light, 7 Days to Die, Skyrim SE,
Shellshock Live, No Mans Sky, Left 4 Dead, COD:WWII, Battlerite, Friday 13th, The Forest, Brawlhalla, Atomega, COD Blackops, Blackwake, Prison Architect, DoD Source, Garrys Mod, FEAR 3, Stick Fight, HL2:DM,
Evolve Stage 2, VR Chat, The Culling, Rock of Ages 2, Mortal Combat X, The Witcher 3, Stardew Valley, Splinter Cell Conviction, Amnesia, PayDay 2, Layers of Fear, ETC.. + lots of DLC's.

Lots of Rewards in Rocket League and 1,7k playtime.
5 Years Veteran Coin in CSGO.

200€ PayPal Family and Friends
220€ Paysafecard

PM or comment below if interested. Edited by Faceless
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