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So I bought Chod's for EFT and am loving it. After getting my preferences for text color and cheat settings, my games have been smooth and I die instantly at the start of a game a lot less. I was so tired of being insta killed from inside bushes and through walls, but now I at least know where they are coming from. I've even spotted some flying players with the ESP lol. Keep up the good work Chod's and hello to the community.

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Oh I think I will. I'm having fun with EFT. I used to rage pretty good when I would start dying for 4-5 matches in a row. The cheats made it fun again. I mostly just use the ESP and no aimbot. I never liked aim botters and I hold myself to that same regard. I'm not condemning others on here that do, I just think it makes the game too easy for me.

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40 minutes ago, Willbo65 said:

Also did you notice about a week ago, the game suddenly seemed to get much harder? I was doing okay even without cheating then it was like a switch flipped and I couldn't do anything. My survival per match was down to 2-3 minutes every time. Any ideas?

I cant tell about that i stopped playing like 2 weeks ago and i'm still waiting for the wipe :P
But jeah i usually dont use aimbot either because that ruins the fun for me. I'm fine with esp and sometimes norecoil etc (:
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Welcome on board buddy! :D Good to hear you're having fun with the EFT cheat!
Perhaps you feel the game is harder because you've gotten a bit lazy haha. The amount of focus you put into the game with ESP on is much less than without, atleast, that's how it works for me. Whenever I play with cheats for longer periods of time I have the same feeling as you do for most games.  

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