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So after using CC for 2 weeks now, I've got to say, this is one of the best sites I've ever come across for hacks/cheats/whatever you wanna call em these days. I was a little hesitant about paying (especially with the potential threat of bans on a $50 game I just bought) but this has definitely been one of my wiser investments and would advise anyone looking for a "safer" way to cheat to go ahead and invest here. Now, onto a more detailed section about each feature that I use.

Aimbot 8/10: I'd give this thing a 10/10 but it seems to pick up bots that aren't even on the visuals yet (visual range at 600) and it sometimes is annoying when it randomly pops up into the sky for that one scav sitting on top of the mountain in Woods. There might be a way to lower the distance range the aimbot works? but I haven't found it. 
                        Instakill: 10/10 Quick way to level up. It's also saved my teammates asses when I've had to have the Aimbot off so I don't shoot them, but a scav or another player group sneaks                                                  up on us from behind. It's also saved my ass a few times when I've been greedy while looting and start getting shot to quickly spray them down and watch em drop. I usually don't play a game                                without this. The only issue I have is for some reason P226's and MP-244's don't always instakill, I assume it has to do with the round+Armor? 
                        Unlimited Ammo 9/10: My main gripe with this is that other players can't hear you shooting. I know this is most likely something that can't be fixed as it has to do with client side vs server side                              stuff (Not a programmer so I don't understand it all) and I've had to explain it off to my buddies that the sound is glitching because of the game being in beta still. Other than that, let er rip.

Visuals 10/10: Everything about this section is amazing. I originally didn't have the loot visuals on and was pretty butthurt when I'd kill a dude and then lose his body, until I actually went through the settings to realize I needed to turn it on. It gets really cluttered in high loot areas such as Dorms in customs or at the School (Office?) on Shoreline, so I usually turn off the loot visuals until I've cleared the scavs and players out. The player visuals are almost always on when I'm running and my squadmates think I'm a god at this game when I call them out to get everyone pointing the right direction as an enemy squad crests a hill for us to mow down. I also keep the Skeleton visuals on so when I have to peek around corners and manual shoot, I know where the hitboxes are actually going to be instead of just shooting through their arms or legs. 

Ease of Use 7/10: I don't have an easily accessible USB port on my tower so when restarting the game or swapping games and coming back later, it sucks to have to pull the USB drive and put it back in. As far as the in game options go, everything I've used so far is really simple and fairly idiot proof, which is a pretty amazing thing on hacks these days. 

All in all, I'd definitely recommend this for anyone, but definitely practice safe hacking and you probably won't get caught. 

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