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Raiding in Rust


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Today i will be explaining all of the costs for raiding and what is the most sufficient way to raid in rust devblog 191.
1.Raiding with explosives  
Raiding with explosives is obviously the most heard of way in raiding. Earlier on in the wipe most people satchel raid if they don't have the BP for rockets or c4. Satchels are much easier to find than rockets and c4 as they can be picked up along the road and or small monuments.supermarket_3.thumb.jpg.7937199d4731641c43991cb1c9d959d2.jpg  
C4 and rockets can be found in large monuments like Launch site and Dome, however it is very rare that this will happen. The most effective way to get rockets and c4 is from counter raiding and taking heli. 
Here are the costs for all explosives: 

2. Raiding with tools
The cheapest way to raid is without a doubt tools.  If you ever see a soft sided wall leading into a base or if you are raiding and there is a soft sided wall that you can pick, pick it! It will make the raid 10x cheaper.  Here is the difference between Hard Side and Soft Side walls.
Hard side:5a46cdc1740ff_Hardside.jpg.64586f76da21ebcac5296b95868a77e8.jpg
Soft side:5a46cdf21b0f9_softside.jpg.b317fa34ce614b40d9318ff5d058686f.jpg

To pick a soft side stone wall is 7 pickaxes
Thanks for reading my forum post if you have any improvements i can add tell me and ill add it. Remember to upvote if this helped you.  
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