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7 digit HL1 accounts for sale with ~500 hours


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-I have 3 accounts for sale. All of them have ~500 hours in csgo and cs1.6 all idled by me. It will keep going up as I'm still idling it

-Never hacked on them, achievements are unlocked with SAM but not all gold to look more legit. Mixed of silver, gold and bronze


-All accounts are 7 digit and have 5 year veteran coin. Also has 9-10 years Badge on steam profile.

-I was also able to add the game Sniper Elite V2 to all of em when it was free. So, thats a bonus

-I can add PHOENIX/BRAVO/PAYBACK COIN to whatever the market value is if you don't have access to market yet.

Account 1 **SOLD to kelownaliving**

STEAM_0:1:379XXX6 - 9 years badge - Created: August 2004

Account 2 **SOLD**

STEAM_0:0:14X298X - 10 years badge - Created: November 2003

Account 3 **SOLD**

STEAM_0:1:471X4X6 - 9 years badge - Created: October 2004

I was able to restock with a few more 6 and 7 digits with hl1+csgo

PM ME for more accounts if you're interested

I accept PaYpaL $20/account or sexy skins worth $20 and up

PM Me for my Skype

Terms Of Service

I will not go first unless I deem you trusted (my discretion)

I am not responsible of whatever happens to the accounts after I give you the details.

All transactions will be done via Skype so I can provide you with a stress free handover of the account.

When you add me on Skype, please add your FORUM name, so I recognize you.

We can use a middleman but you pay for the fee

You must pay for Paypal fees if there's any

You must send it as gift with the note that says "I'm buying a virtual item, I will not dispute"


Just bought of chickenjoy, order went real fast and smooth. Will definitely buy from him again. 10/10
+rep for chickenjoy. Bought several accounts off him, very trusted
+Rep very trusted knows what hes doing, loves german cars
vouch for chickenjoy, helped me out with buying summer cards since i cannot buy from market atm.

I went first, he delivered as promised, also a very nice guy to talk 2 !!

+rep very good and fair trader, you can trade with closed eyes !! 100% safe
HUGE vouch! Sold me a REALLY nice account, for a nice price! RESPECT
Vouch - he bought Ak vulcan from me and he went first. Went smooth trusted guy :-)
Trusted seller ! And great price ! Really fast traded ++
++++REP++++ this guy isn't just a good seller but a GREATER ONE -> he HELPED me out setting up EVERYTHING as i wish. So much RECOMMENDED!!
Vouching for this guy. Walked me through everything, was very transparent and honest. Gave me all details after payment was cleared and is finishing idling the account for me still. +++ Great seller.





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