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What mouse should i get?


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44 minutes ago, Zuze said:

I'm thinking about buying a new mouse cuz ive had me mouse for a few years but im not sure what mouse to get!, So what mouse do u guys have? and what mouse do guys think i should get! :)
Currently have: razer deathadder 2013

if you like the shape of the deathadder get the newest version which is the deathadder elite. there are many brands. zowie,logitech,razer etc. i can recommend the g403 wired or wireless. what gripstyle do you use and whats your hand size? i bought and tryed over 20 mice and right now im using dream machines dm1 pro s. its the perfect shape for me and the quality/price is awesome! 
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I've personally got a Logitech G502. It's a nice mouse and recommended by many!
Before getting this mouse, I thought about getting a Mionix Castor or Zowie mouse. Try checking those out too!
I'm not a fan of Razer products but I've never used them (overpriced IMO), so maybe trying a new company might turn out well!

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Had a death adder for almost two years, now using Steelseries Rival and prefer it. The thing is, this little piece of shit is almost unbreakable. It's easy to clean, fits well in my hand and the buttons are awesome (especially the m4 & m5, they are big and easy to click). Very practical mouse, and that's how I like 'em. 

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