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  1. AfricanChild

    What mouse should i get?

    I've personally got a Logitech G502. It's a nice mouse and recommended by many! Before getting this mouse, I thought about getting a Mionix Castor or Zowie mouse. Try checking those out too! I'm not a fan of Razer products but I've never used them (overpriced IMO), so maybe trying a new company might turn out well!
  2. I was at a golf meet and a guy got me with the classic: "Have you met Mr. Mehoff?" "No, who's that?" "You've never heard of Jack Mehoff?" Took me a couple seconds but I lost it. It was super funny xD
  3. AfricanChild

    Something to start on. (Coder)

    Like the user above me said, it depends on what you want to learn. Look into each language and what your end goals are (working for a company so it becomes a career, coding games, cheats, web development, etc) In order to learn, I've read from many users that physical books are good. Otherwise websites such as Codecademy, StackOverflow, or others (just Google "learn coding online" or something) offer useful resources to learn! Once you start learning on there, it's a matter of creating your own tools. For example, once you know the basics of C#, create a simple calculator or something with that language. Then add on new things to that program, such as a scientific mode. As you gain this knowledge and experience hands-on, you'll be able to start creating more useful and advanced tools. Note: A lot of cheaters want to "quickly" learn to code and develop their own hacks. If you want to learn to code only for the cheating aspect, I'd suggest starting with a simple game such as CS:GO. Learn the ins and outs of reverse engineering and working with the game and memory, then move on to bigger and more complex games. Just remember, you probably won't be able to create your own PUBG cheats or anything for a few months, if not years. Unless, of course, you use someone's base or cheats they've already made.
  4. AfricanChild

    Graphic card

    I had a 1080 Ti. Ironically it was the Zotac Amp! Extreme mentioned above. It's a beast card, will handle any game. In my opinion it isn't overkill. The card will handle any new games for years to come, so you're basically future proofing yourself in that aspect. Plus, with as big of a budget as you have, it shouldn't be too big a deal. Keep your eye out for any Christmas or Cyber Monday deals as well!
  5. AfricanChild

    Gaming chair

    Let me know how the chair is. I've been debating getting a new chair as mine is starting to fall apart, mainly around the armrests. If it's any good, I'd love to know!
  6. AfricanChild

    Post your setup

    I'll add some pictures when I take them later. My setup isn't quite as flashy but it gets the job done. CPU: i5-6600k OC to either 3.7 or 3.8 GHz Mobo: MSI Z710A Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR4-2400 Storage: 1x 1TB HDD 1x 250GB SSD GPU: Zotac 1080Ti Amp! Extreme Case: NZXT S340 Peripherals: Mic: Audio Technica AT2020 USB Headphones: Sennheiser HD598 Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Core Keyboard: Corsair Strafe RGB w/ Silent switches
  7. AfricanChild

    Graphics Design is My Passion

    Where's the shading??
  8. AfricanChild

    Best pizza in your opinion?

    I usually go with the classic cheese, beef, sausage, or meatlover. Plain and unoriginal, I know. I don't like things like mushrooms, peppers, pineapple, etc. I'm a meat lover
  9. AfricanChild

    music recommendations

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HORkT4a2MhQ Moti - Lion in my head - Dubstep Don Diablo - On my Mind - Electric (i think it'd look good with crazy colors and zooming effects) Otherwise just google something like non-copyright songs or NCS on YouTube. Also check out EDM artists such as Han Solo, Marshmello, Illenium, etc. Montages are always better IMO when they use less popular songs as it shows the editor puts in work and is creative and original.
  10. AfricanChild

    AVAST Internet Security

    If you're going to use an "AV," check out Malwarebytes. It's a barebones anti-infection program. Although it's technically an anti-malware, it's still at least some protection. If you download cracked programs or torrents, look into setting up a VM (virtual machine) or sandbox and learn to check for suspicious activity from a program (autoruns and process explorer). And of course, if you don't trust something, it's sketchy or suspicious, or from a sketchy source, just don't download it unless you absolutely need it. If that's the case, try using that VM like I mentioned before.
  11. AfricanChild

    PUBG Chicken dinners

    I think I've won around 15-20 counting duos and squads. Maybe 6-10 solo. Most kills was around 15. Nice job on the win! only progress to come!
  12. AfricanChild

    sorry this may have been asked before

    If you want to buy a USB stick, check out aliexpress (google). They sell cheap sticks. The only thing is if it comes from a Chinese manufacturer, it could take up to a month or so to be delivered to your house. If you are willing to wait, you can find 32gb or so for around $10, give or take.
  13. AfricanChild

    Crypto mining for cheats

    I'd love to partake in this. It's unfortunate that I just sold my 1080 ti, but I'll hopefully be getting one soon. This is a great idea though and definitely unique! It's a win-win on everyone's part.
  14. AfricanChild

    Why I choose CHOD'S

    I fell victim to a scam once. The seller instructed me to purchase a CSGO knife from G2A. I did it but he fucked me over, saying I only paid for the cheat (as in ESP, etc) and had to pay an extra like $200 for the BE bypass. I almost did it too. Then he told me if I give him another knife, he'll teach me how to refund G2A skins like that. I don't remember if I got my money back or not. I might've initialized a chargeback on PP for G2A and gotten refunded, but otherwise I was out about $200+. It's really easy to scam these new cheaters who are anxious to get cheats, especially with popular new FPS games such as PUBG.
  15. AfricanChild


    I want to get some more general talk going on these forums, so I'll try to start it off. What vehicles does everybody drive? What about your dream car? I currently drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee but I'm saving for a motorcycle. I've got my eye on an 09 Ninja 650R atm, but I'm still looking!

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