Newbie looking for some information (CSGO)


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1. First you need to disable patchguard by a file provided [once you're VIP] within the Member Panel, download it and install it (exactly as it is instructed)

1.1 Then you restart the computer; booting into the patched Windows boot

2. Then you (within the Member Panel) download the client with your corresponding details (both case sensitive)

2.1 Save it onto a *USB (Removable disk)*, launch as admin, and log in (both username & password are case sensitive)

2.2 Choose which cheat to inject/use (There are several guides on how to inject properly)

Game on!

The CS:GO is currently MM safe. Currently, Chod's Cheats does not support leagues, but will in the near future.

* A USB (Removable disk) is required to launch the cheat. Not optional.

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Okay cool, i guess i will buy the sub once i get home from class, last question could you explain again how you guys prevent from vac bans?

Prevent VAC bans?

The security of the cheat runs on kernel level (ring 0)

The cheat will crash whenever it detects any difference in the offsets (Game will crash when VAC/punkbuster updates)

And probably some other internal things, but I don't know myself.

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