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  1. I used it again completely according to the rules of use, and also changed several different USB devices. useless
  2. I haven't used the cheat here in months. I just bought an Apex cheat and I couldn't start it I wish I knew why and how to fix it. Compared to before, I changed a new USB. Is that the reason?
  3. I always believe this is the best place
  4. 应该是同一台电脑作弊次数过多的话就会封吧。我起码得封了七八款不同的挂,快接近二十个号了
  5. 我不想格式化计算机了。也许直接更改硬件是一个好主意 Because I'm a computer idiot
  6. 我玩猎杀被封机器码了。兄弟 三月份开挂,陆陆续续封号大概得有十几个吧 11月玩了4个月的号被封了之后 其他号就上号都封了 估计是只能换硬件了
  7. I have tried to format Windows, but did not change the serial number. Maybe I should try again
  8. But now I'm having some problems, because I've been using cheating for a long time and I'm manually banned Even if cheating is not enabled, the game account will be banned I have tried several different software to modify the machine code, but they are of no use Hope to get help
  9. First of all, because of the use of translation software, may lead to deviation. I'm so sorry I am a loyal user of CC (in China, we call it CC), and I have purchased and used CC in different Chinese distributors for over 6 months I bought it at the official store and renewed it several times.