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  1. Yeah, its way to pricey atm. The first time i got it, it was around 29,99
  2. Well i've bought it twice now and there isnt much to say honestly. Amazing cheat but make it cheaper plz.
  3. This are my honest opinions so far about the different features and the hack overall. Visuals: The esp is well made and everything is working. So nothing wrong here! 9/10 Misc features: The automatic skillcheck is working good, you only have to hold m1 and let the cheat do its job! 10/10 Resize: I haven't tried out yet so i dont know what it does?(Could anyone tell?) So no opinion here. Set bloodpoints: I've tried it twice now and its working fine, no problem here! No ban yet either. So i'll give it a 10/10 obv The flashligh
  4. Is the cheat external or internal?