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My opinion so far!


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This are my honest opinions so far about the different features and the hack overall.


Visuals: The esp is well made and everything is working. So nothing wrong here!



Misc features:

The automatic skillcheck is working good, you only have to hold m1 and let the cheat do its job! 10/10


Resize: I haven't tried out yet so i dont know what it does?(Could anyone tell?) So no opinion here.


Set bloodpoints: I've tried it twice now and its working fine, no problem here! No ban yet either. So i'll give it a 10/10 obv


The flashlight aim though isn't working, it aims at the killer but doesnt blind him. So it needs a fix.


Speedhack: Working perfectly and comes in handy! I usually use 500 value since the killers speed value is at 460 when he doesnt have bloodlust. You can higher it aswell.  10/10


Ghost mode: I usually dont use it, but ive tried it out like twice now and it works just fine. Would be cool if you just had to press a button and it would levitate you off the ground directly rather

than walking off a certain height in order to levitate. But props  to you that you can walk through objects and godmode! 9/10


Teleport to closest player: I've used it once but it works fine. 10/10


Healing. This is hella fun to use and it works ofc. I havent had any problems with it yet. 10/10


100% Hook Escape: This also works just fine and i pretty much use it everytime i know that a survivor wont rescue me. 10/10


Spoofer: The spoofer works perfectly for me at least, haven't been banned yet though. But surely works 10/10.


Overall: I overall think that this  cheat is amazing. Just wish you could lower the price for it so i could buy it more often lmao. Ill give it a 9/10 overall!







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