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  1. what I want to know is if more features will be added over time as the cheat stabilizes
  2. r6 cheat would be pretty amazing tbh
  3. you'd figure that you'd get one or two idiots in a sample of 250 people even if you filter them very carefully
  4. 250 is more than enough to get the cheat on the radar and for them to pay attention to it even if chod goes private, that still doesn't entirely get rid of the detection chance it may be safer, but eventually it will get detected just look at why all the cheats, even the private ones went offline earlier this year
  5. Either way, Nikita is pretty delusional if he thinks people are going to play 200 hours for a 5% more grenade throw distance or sprint speed or whatever I get that the game's audience is "hardcore" fps players but if they design the game around that it sidelines the more casual players which is 90% of people who might buy the game
  6. this is the only reason why I play eft why try in a broken game
  7. stats are currently pretty fucked anyways and I think they're going to change them to be easier to level when the game finally launches you need something like 100 hours of throwing grenades for max strength.
  8. who knows last wipe they delayed for like 6 months
  9. Does the cheat come with a spoofer?
  10. wow, thanks. I was under the impression that any tracking at all was an instant ban. might go play some apex then while I wait for tarkov
  11. I also want to know this. I hear that aimbot is pretty much almost an instant ban. Is this the case? If not, how good is the aimbot? Does it predict movement?