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    How long has it been down now? I remember last looking back in October to see if it was back but it doesn't seem it ever did come back. Has it been 6+ months?
  2. I agree with pretty much everything you say here. Downtime does suck but I feel it’s an unavoidable reality of cheating. My first months subscription to Chod’s was from June 29th until almost the end of September. Meaning that the cheat had roughly a 1/3 uptime.
  3. I am still interested in buying possibly 2 or 3 accounts. Feel free to comment here or PM me.
  4. I think you’ll maybe have a hard time finding someone to pay what is pretty close to what the EoD price is on sale but I’ll offer $70 USD and would lik to use a middle man. If you don’t find anybody offering a better amount and wanna take that deal lemme know. Offer will still stand I’m gonna try and buy a few EOD accounts.
  5. I tried finding you on discord but could not. I’m willing to buy right now. Will you be using a middle man?
  6. I’d be willing to do $70. Is this account from before Christmas of last year? Does it come with the icase and keybar?
  7. I mean you do whatever you want I’m just letting everyone know that if they say they’ll pay β€œX” amount that you asked for, it doesn’t mean anything cause you’re not actually selling it for what you said you wanted.
  8. Just an FYI to everyone I offered him exactly what he was asking and he said he’d wait and see what others offered so he is using this as an opportunity to bid on the account.
  9. I’m interested in either a US or EU regional EoD account. I’m flexible on price but I want to make sure the account is usable in my region (US) and has NOT been used in conjunction with Chod’s or any other cheat provider. I’m also willing to pay a little extra if the account is pre-Christmas so that it comes with the key bar and iCase. I will be using a middleman as well. Feel free to PM me or reply to this topic to talk detail and price.
  10. Sweet. @GermanWars I’ll buy that for your asking price.
  11. I will do the 70euros. Just to make sure the EU accounts can be used anywhere correct?