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  1. Maybe they make this cheat private for you people who haven't been here longer than a year, so you will stop complaining when something like this happens. Show some restraint when it is released. It's no different than any other site or place. You decide to use it day one, you can expect a bug or two. In this case you will likely end up in the scenario we have now. As others have mentioned, I will gladly watch and wait on others before I use it.
  2. 5 accounts yikes. I am still on my first since over a year and more. But i think things are going to change now that it is BE. Plus we are all just speculating. We won't really know till the hunt is on.
  3. Totally thought this was a leaving thread since he said exiting instead of exciting. But yes welcome 😃
  4. Any chance to see a cheese for this game?
  5. Still rooting to see Division 2 since the recent release of a couple EAC games 😃
  6. Does anyone know how to switch from 1803 to a earlier version like 1709 or 1703. I am not really sure how to go about this as my laptop does not give me a recovery option to change to an earlier version.
  7. My opinion, best on the market for EFT. Been using it since May, never been banned, I have had no problems, no complaints and the service is excellent. Time is reimbursed when the hack is down.
  8. Still confused with previous post where you mentioned "easy to spot" no idea what that is hahah. But as long as the grenade bot is gone, I will be happy.
  9. I used during the .9 patch about 2 months ago. That was when it was going down almost every week for update or preventing detection. What exactly is the easy to spot?
  10. Hey everyone been a while, took some time off to get other things done but looking to get back into it. How are we doing so far? Is the hack still going down periodically due to detection or someone getting banned? Any features recently removed or added? I know a while back when newest patch came out some features were deactived. Thanks for the information.
  11. I believe people are not really interested. So stop bumping. Also to say hack used before .9 update does not identify much in my opinion.
  12. Interesting, I never thought about clearing my cookies or cache. But like you said worked. Yea it was weird, when I was banned, I signed out from my profile and tried to see forum but I would immediately get the Banned with a Lock on the screen. But after I did what you said, I was able to see the forum again and make a new profile.