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  1. Welcome to chods jerrybox. Hope you enjoy yourself here man, truly a great community nothing but love here.. Have fun 🙂
  2. Good video homie! That scav boss took a shit load of bullets to kill lul.
  3. my fav cheese would def have to be EFT.
  4. Doubtz


    Welcome to Chods. An amazing community here man you will absolutely love it! Enjoy your stay bud.
  5. Doubtz

    Hey guys

    Welcome to chods man great community here you will definitely enjoy your stay!
  6. Hello im here to give my opinion on the eft cheat. ESP 10/10- i give the esp a solid 10 because everything is super smooth doesn't glitch out at all and is very specific on if its a bot or player! Aimbot 9/10- the aimbot is super good ive had no problems with it very useful in some situations only thing id want to add on this is maybe a toggle key so its not on 24/7. Misc 8/10 - the misc options are super good and the loot esp is very very good, but the reason its a 8/10 is because in some buildings alot of items will pop up causing my screen to be filled with loot esp an option id like to see for this is maybe a loot selection. For example, so maybe i just wanna find bitcoins id just click the bitcoin esp or something and that is the only thing that pops up, or any other item you are looking for. Other than that this cheat is amazing for the price havent had any problems with it at all i recommend if you are looking for a eft cheat Chods would be the best!!
  7. i clicked this button LOL and instantly left the area i didnt wanna get banned HAHAH