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  1. Selling a perfect main account for a cheap price. $20 PayPal (USD) Information: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS CS:GO (The Global Elite) 34 Wins Private Rank 21 Prime Activated 5 Year Veteran Coin Operation Hydra Coin 155 Hours CS:GO PM Me if interested (I can show proof & stuff in PM)
  2. You should note that the account is hourboosted.
  3. Welcome! The community is indeed very awesome
  4. If you want to suggest something you can do that here:
  5. I might be interested. Since you are a brand new user would you be able to use a middleman? Also could you please provide screenshots of your latest competitive games? (so we know it's not cheated on)
  6. 7 Digit Steam: $2 Operation Hydra: ~$6-7 CS:GO: ~$6 That adds up to around ~$15. + You have used the account, so no one can be sure if you have cheated on the account or not. Not trying to be rude but I think the price is way too high and that's why you're not getting it sold.
  7. Welcome & Enjoy your stay!
  8. No, it doesn't. Only the Stream Proof & EAC Version works on CEVO.
  9. As far as I know there are no resellers selling the Stream Proof Version as it would only result in profit in the long run, but not that many users are interested in the Stream Proof version.
  10. Chods hands down has the best security. Before VAC patched their undetection method they were on a 2 year undetection streak. Now that Chods has fixed that I am sure it will last at least 2 more years. Sounds like you're only preferring the other cheat provider just because there's a lifetime subscription. If you want my opinion: Get chods today. Friendly community and an awesome cheat. Btw, in the future please don't mention other cheat providers as it's against the rules.
  11. No. You have to re-enter your card details.
  12. PayDay 2 is no longer free @Dexter Please close.
  13. /id/SteamLevel ^^ Selling that URL for $1 USD PayPal PM if interested
  14. Wrong. Yes that's the max amount of kills & MVPS you can get in a match, but there's no difference in the ELO. You get the same amount of elo. You don't need more than 8 MVPs and 40 kills as it's the max elo you can get in a match.
  15. If I was selling this account I would list it for $50-$60 USD, but since you're selling it on a cheating forum the buyer can never be 100% sure that you haven't injected on the account. GLWS
  16. It's currently not possible to pay for the Stream Proof or EAC version with paypal, as all the resellers are only able to sell the normal £10 version. You can always try and transfer your money from PayPal to Bitcoin!
  17. fantasy

    Sup guys

    Welcome Hope you enjoy your stay!
  18. He hasn't been online since March 20th, GL