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Found 5 results

  1. Hey all, I'm currently selling any and all items and eft, i dont have a price set on everything but we can negotiate a price for sure. Highlights of things i have are Red keycards, Thicc cases, sicc cases and any key along plenty of roubles. I also am willing to boost you through runs to complete tasks and what not for a price. For a listing of some prices i charge 1.5$ USD for 1mil. 30$ for a red keycard. 16$ for thicc icase 7.50$ for thicc weapon case 5$ for a sicc case Depending on what you're buying and how much you're spending a discount can potentially be negotiated. I've been apart of this community for a minute now, since July of 2018 while everyone waits for the EFT cheese to return to chods id like to offer yall the ability to still get ahead in the game for a price ?. For any and all information either pm me on this site or contact me on discord. OG | LordSmitty#8791
  2. R6BOOSTME Boosting Service About Us R6BOOSTME has been around since the start of 2018 now, we consisted of 4 boosters and many customers back in early April of 2018, due to school, we've decided to shut down for the time being until further notice, now that we've graduated, we've decided to relaunch our service out to the community. Proof https://prnt.sc/pc3kn8 https://prnt.sc/pc3l3q Will be updated with more screenshots as we've only restarted our service, don't want to upload screenshots from last year as they're outdated. Pricing https://prnt.sc/pc3ri6 Terms of Service By purchasing from us, you agree to not refund or dispute the payment. All boosts are completed with the period specified when purchasing. All purchases are final and non-refundable except certain circumstances. Contact Contact us via Discord here R6BOOST.ME#7458 for further enquiries or questions.
  3. Hello, Can anyone please recommend any booster, who has got 9 accounts and he's boosting on map like Office? Please, because I need boost from SFMC to GE
  4. CHEESEBOOST.EU Vertigo Boosting Service We offer Boosting on Vertigo method (16:0 wins) Each game takes ~8 minutes and it's played vs AFK Global Accounts Skins/Paypal/Paysafecard Supreme to GE - 5 LEM to Supreme - 4 LE to LEM - 3.5 DMG to LE - 3 Rankup in MG - 3 Rankup in Gold - 2 Rankup in Silver - 2 Empty Win 16:0 - 1 Website: CHEESEBOOST.EU TeamSpeak3: CHEESEBOOST.EU Steam Profile: Steamcommunity.com/id/iPeakAndDie Steam Group: Steamcommunity.com/groups/CheeseBoost
  5. Can guarantee a win every game, PM me for more details.
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