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  1. See, you explaining all of that makes it easier for me to understand that you can't give me direct answers on anything I'd like to know. People can look back at this thread, read what you just typed, and understand why no one will tell them when the product will be back up / why its down / etc etc. I don't understand why this couldn't of been made clear in an announcement thread or something similar, rather than just being rude to people who want to know why they can't use the product that they just spent money on. Many people who are buying your services are not tech-geniuses or developers themselves, so to repeat the same line of "its up when its up" and insult anyone who dares question it is kind of stupid. If you'd just go into more detail like this, people wouldn't have an issue with waiting. Better yet, just don't get pissy at people who just gave you money.
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  2. eta? Just kidding love ya
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