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Purchased cheat 3 days ago


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4 minutes ago, Veizzo said:
It's now been 3 days, chod was on 4 hours ago and I still didn't get any help, I've pm'd 2 Admins and I am getting no replies, tagged the admins that get online in shoutbox who ignore me and my support ticket has been sitting there for a few days and haven't got a reply... can I get my damn subscription?
be patient there is a reason why you dont get your sub instant so wait until a admin that can check the payment is online and has time
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4 hours ago, Veizzo said:

So I'm meant to be patient for something that's meant to be automated for days on end? k

"For something that's meant to be automated". That's just so wrong, obviously they need to approve the payment when you're paying with your bank card or bitcoin. I see that you now have received VIP Access, being butt hurt on the forums did not help that process, at all. :) 
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