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How does reselling work?


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Chod's Cheats Approved Reseller Program

By becoming an approved reseller you will be able to sell license keys to users who are otherwise unable to pay (for example some Russian and Brazillian communities are unable to pay us directly). Once purchased you can do anything you want with the keys: sell them, give them away, trade them etc. Once a license key is yours we place no restrictions on what you can and cannot do with it.

How much discount will I get?


It depends on how many license keys you buy, with a bigger order comes bigger discounts. The information above is based on you selling the keys for the same price we sell them for (i.e. one month is £9.99). You can sell them for more, if you wish, to make even bigger profits.


What else will I get?

Along with your discount you will get:

  • Free thread design by our professional graphic designer for use on your sale pages
  • Access to a private reseller forum where you can talk with other resellers and staff
  • Added to a special Reseller forum group that is only available to resellers and has a unique badge


What kind of support will my users get?

We will give your users the same support we give our own - 24/7 support via support tickets and the forum.


How will I get paid?

You will buy license keys directly from us in bulk. That is the only transaction you will have to make with us. From here your users can pay you directly, using whichever method of payment you prefer. 


Is there a reseller panel?

Yes. Once you have been added to the reseller member group you will have access to the reseller panel, where you can manage your stock, and purchase license keys, and more.



How do I apply?

To apply to become a reseller please make a thread in this forumSome information we would like to see is:

  • Which community you represent
  • Why you want to be a reseller
  • If you have ever resold cheats before
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