False positive OW ban


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Can anyone give some insight regarding this? I queued with a friend, and I'm 100% sure he wasn't hacking. he was also bottom frag for about the last 8 games. 
and he was convicted by overwatch.

i believe prior to this. he had an account banned by VAC/OW i'm not sure. so he bought a smurf account and stopped hacking.

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well, i can attest that he wasn't hacking. we live in the same building. i'm contacting the supplier of the smurf, and theyre argument is he was using aimbot.  

https://www.dropbox.com/s/c1x0adj9cs8q66y/Counter-Strike_ Global Offensive 05-10-2016 03_51_11.mp4?dl=0

00:20, mid boost awp shot, theyre arguing it was aimbot.
last replay bsite with awp, shot from heaven, bullet trajectory.

mysmurf is saying that in mid boost, he was aiming at the 'dead' enemies head.

mysmurf is referring to that my friend was using aimbot to aim at dead bodies.  that doesnt make any sense though lol

"how he will touch head sir if the enemy is dead"

he was talking about how my friends aim went up after the awp shot. in mid  boost. (00:20)

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On 10/4/2016 at 10:15 PM, winter said:
On 10/4/2016 at 8:58 PM, exratlife said:

if you ABSOLUTELY want to use ESP (i suggest against it, even with only visible on, due to it  cluttering enemies) you should consider setting esp on to a weapon profile for your knife.

That's actually a good idea.
That explains why pros draw thier knife randomly for no reason and look into a wall.
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11 hours ago, stingygamer said:
On 10/4/2016 at 7:15 PM, winter said:
That explains why pros draw thier knife randomly for no reason and look into a wall.
 Pro's dont use blatant ESP like our p2c.

Some use some kind of hidden aimlock, that will kinda direct their crosshair to an enemy and lock on to the area of where the enemy is. It gives them a good guess of where enemies are.
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