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For Sale: [4 Digit] [Legendary Eagle] [1000+ Hours] [120 Wins] [Multiple Skins]


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For sale is a very nice 4 digit [steam ID: 3XXX]. Steam ID is less than 3599.

1) It has over 1000+ hours for CSGO

2) It has over 760 hours for CS 1.6

3) It has a skin for almost every weapon (IIRC, the only gun that doesn't have a skin is an M4A1-S)

4) I NEVER used Chods-Cheats on this account.

5) It is ranked Legendary Eagle, with 120+ wins. It is very close to a LEM (maybe 3 more wins)

PM me with offers.

Serious offers only. Buyers pay first.

$120 minimum offer

$500 BIN

Notice: The following information is accurate at the time of posting. Hours and amount of wins in CSGO may increase, and the rank may increase (~GE) or decrease (~DMG).

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BIN stands for Buy It Now. You can make an offer and wait, or you can Buy It Now.

Every gun has a skin so the account looks more legit, but they are not expensive skins like the redline. You might be able to sell all the skins for a more expensive skin though, if that's what you're into. It also has all the CSGO steam cards so you get the 10+ year badge, 10+ games badge, global sentinel badge, and a few others.

By the way, this account has the ability to overwatch cases.

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