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S< 6DIG/7DIG...csgo,cs,tf2


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Im selling steam acct.

7dig with 4 games with tf2 items. Acct create 9 month

7dig with 10 games CDM3. Acct create 2004

6dig with 10 games with tf2 items 2.0k hrs,CSGO 1.6+K Hrs,CS with 1.7+hrs,Dota with 1.7k hrs. acct create 10 years

PS: all above acct is vac clean and email changeable. CSGO got 5 years veteran coin.

NO REFUNDED once buy.

You can add me skype : [email protected]

Payment Paypal only

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Bought "7dig with 4 games with tf2 items. Acct create 9 month" for 5 euro. Discovered it had been used a credit card on it, and was a dealbreaker for me.

Asked for refund, and got it.

Using CC is not my prob. u alrdy buy u should bear it. Next time when you want to buy acct ask first. Understand?

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skrill? i said u paypal. is my selling and is my problem. if u dont like to go first gtfo from here. is my sale is my rule.

Np your talking to a guy that got more then 200 vouch combined in all the website... i was just trying to helop you get rid of your acc... i dont care bro it your SALE like your saying GL and have fun finding a buyer.

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