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Bring Back Lifetime Please


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Please bring back the lifetime subscription

I love your cheats but i dont need them, i just want to have them for when i play with hackers and thats not really avaiable because i have to buy a month subscription everytime i play hackers :c

So if you bring back the lifetime subscription ill get it and im sure many others will so PLEASE BRING IT BACK

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Lies. Why would you want a legit hack for versing hackers? only way you would KNOW if someone is hacking is if they where rage. What you are really saying is, I just want a hack so I can beat people who are better than me.

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1st things first I am actually LEM and i do not rage when people are better than me.

2nd it is not hard to spot a hacker if you have hacked before and thus i can spot them pretty easily.

And be honest you would also like a lifetime subscription

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honestly tho i would prefer a lifetime hack. been using it for the past 3-4 weeks and its gonna expire soon, so far nothing with my account. im sure i would be purchasing lifetime if it was available since i have a major exam at the end of this year and i wouldnt play for much of this time. :/

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