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Hello folks,

Today im buying the VIP membership for cheating, I have downloaded, I have run it but here we have problem. I'll try to read posts in this forum but not enlightment enough.

How can I setting up my cheat? I have read some configs here in forum but still I cannot to locate where from load up. I have see the Tab 'Settings' and load from there some weapons.

Aimbot not working, Triggerbot not working! ESP working as well but there's not the point. I repeat, The cheat works properly and fine but I cannot to setting. Please help me to load an typical config for undetected playing.

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First and foremost, welcome to Chod's Cheats.

Once you're in game with the cheat injected, press INSERT/INS key. To bring up the cheat menu.

You must save a random config first, for the file to be created. When saving your first config, name it "default", so the cheat will auto-load it each start up.

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Can I have please an config where has been tested? I dont have a visual/ESP. Only to hit body and head with 60% success.

Look in the config submission section.

However, I would recommend reading the guide and creating a config that fits your personal play style This takes more time but helps ensure that you have a config that helps you where you need it and doesn't disrupt you where you don't need it.she

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