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Hello , I bought the BF cheat months ago (Both bfbc2 and BF3) , the BFBC2 was amazing , and the bf3 was alright , the aimbot just didn't work.

So something happened a couple months ago , and the cheat became unavailable to use. (I opened a couple of threads with my issue)

You guys said I will be compensated for the downtime with a 30 day sub once Chod will get to it , but it seems like you guys totally forgot about it ? or maybe you did fix it , but forgot about me ?

I would love an update on this , BF3 Crashing On Injection.

EDIT : I remember now , Chod said the cheat should work when it will be ported to V3 , was the cheat ported?

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If I had to guess, it's because there have been bigger things to deal with, such as updates, DDoS attacks, server issues, etc.

Dude all im asking for is an update on the situation...

Chod totally ignored me on skype , and here they also ignore me... I don't know why :/

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