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hi im milan


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There's not a video for the set up, but we do have several guides. We are also here 24/7 to answer any questions or to help resolve any problems you may have.

That being said, the cheat is simple to get running. You don't need to install anything or restart your machine for the cheat. It does require a couple of official Microsoft files but most people already have them installed. All you need other than that is a USB drive to run the .exe from and you'll be good to go.

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thanks alot mike.1 more question is csgo is UD at the moment?

Yes it is. We have a VAC guard system that looks for changes/updates to VAC and when it sees an update, it disables the cheat so we can look over the changes and see if we need to update our security.

what i have to do after purchased?

Well, I recommend visiting this page and the guide section so you can learn how to access the cheat and how to set it up in-game. As you can tell, you have already been automatically activated.

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