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[NREM STORE] 4/5/6 Digits - GO Accounts


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Do u have a cheap 7 digit for me ? I need one for a smurf account cuz i dont wan't to use my 4 or 5 digit.

Sorry man, i only have what is in first post: 5/6 digits - 4 digits on demand!

Vouch for NREM, was nice on the previous version of the forum :] .

Thank you, i will be trying to do that on the current forum 2 ;)

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How much your global account?

Looking for 45$

It is my personal account. 100% clean, unused at leagues, never will be retrieved since it was made on my old works email account!

Comes with Phoenix coin and already has the wins, just needs the hours to make it gold ;)

I messed you on Skype about purchasing an Account


IL take a six digit

Add me on skype ! ;)

STEAM_0:0:450277 [HL1 + GO] Supreme Master First Class

price for this account?

I am sorry but this account was sold yesterday!

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fast and nice trade :)


and thank you, enjoy the acc ! ;)

Whats the difference between 4 and 6 digit accounts?




The older the account, the lower the digits, the more it is worth!

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Contact me when you have a 5 digit! Added you on skype :)

Tomorrow morning i got a nice new list of 5 digits, ill give u a msg ;)

Can i pay with PSC aswell, because i dont have pp :S would be nice :)

yes you can! i accept Paypal and PSC since that is easy to put on steam wallet :)

Just add me on skype: nrem.level

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