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WTS lvl 20 account, 2.6k hours of tf2 500 of cs go global elite


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Hello chods, today im selling my main account.

It has 110 games on profile, says something like 117 in library. Rank is global elite, with 66 wins. 539 hours on record, no vac bans and no overwatch. Steam wallet has 0.53 usd on it, tax info has been filled in.

Has profile rep comments dating back to 25 june of 2013, tf2 and cs go trading, paypal rep thread etc.

Album with all relevant screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/hqVKu

Please tell me if you wish to see any more screenies that you think are relevant and missing, and i dont give out the account link due to it being my main and i dont want any bans.

Leave me some offers, bitcoin preferred and will be discounted for.

As always, have a nice day friends.

You can usually contact me the fastest by skype, shroomz.exe

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There is one thing, I think is pretty important that you've missed, and that's a screenshot of its VAC Status. Sure you've stated it in your comment that it has no vac bans, but a screenshot would do the trick. Not saying, I don't trust you, but when it comes to things like these, its pretty pertinent.

A screenshot as proof - screenshots speak louder than words- unless photoshopped - I could say I sell an awesome cheat with everything packed into it including, lets say, Wallhack, and don't show a picture of it. Only an intro of all the other things beside the one thing - Wallhack etc. I have no intention of harming your sale, by no means. Hope you understand.

Sorry if you by any chance felt offended by this.

Have a good day. :)

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