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Beginning of 2024 and January Recap!


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Hello everyone!


This post will serve as a well-needed update to the current situation and news regarding the site in the recent months and for the future.


1. I'll start with good news first.
As you might have seen the team increased to 4 from 2 in an effort to cover NA time zones as well.

Please welcome @Visionz and @Zodiac as Moderators.
After a while they will be replying to your tickets during NA time further decreasing the time on ticket turn around times.


2. Another good news is regarding the recent Rust and Hunt V2 detection.
We have identified the issue and has been working and testing on a fix which is reaching the final stages soon.

We ask you for a bit more patience as we are striving to make sure your account is safe as possible and receives the longevity it deserves by choosing us.
Some of you noted that losing access to discord due to the lengthy downtime is annoying, but sadly as a system limitation we cannot change this fact.
So we will send out mass emails the minute we put it back in stock and online!
Keep your inboxes nice and tidy for it!

3. Another important update is that we have completely redone the guides and now include a video tutorial to further help.
We have grouped all available products into 3 Color codes to make it easier following the guides.

This will be expanded and added upon as we see what is lacking and failing to make a clear picture for customers.


4. Survey time!

New year and new opportunities to discover, and we want to hear what you have to say.

Know a game that doesn't have providers but popular? 

Fill out the survey found here and you might find something worth your time.

Survey here: https://forms.gle/tBT4qDgGtntbRh8G7


5. Onto the sad news.
After a lot discussion and research we have decided to permanently discontinue EFT and Dayz.
The reasons are pretty obvious,  EFT market is so saturated with discord exit scammers, 300$ a month radars and so on.

We would rather focus on newer upcoming games, or expand features of our current ones.


That would be all for now, thank you for the continued support and patience.
2024 is gonna be a wild ride.


From everyone at Chod's Cheat.

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