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Best/Always UD Dead by Daylight Provider


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Works like a charm, Hits the mark and helps me land flashlights i know i'd never get and it is most amazing on The Trickster killer.

My only complaint with the aimbot is when using a flashlight I'd usually have to pull the aim upwards in order to hit the killer but that could just be user error since i know the aim in-game is off because DBD devs.




Works perfectly, has all the information you could ever need and allows you to choose everything you want to see. Chods offers readible and responsive ESP that doesn't hurt my FPS and is smooth as butter. My only complaint with ESP for further customizability options for colors and text size customization for more accessibility for users with eye-sight problems which is an extremely common issue with  most cheats as i've only ever seen 1 provider with Text size customization.




What can I say, the misc. features at Chods are top tier with a massive selection of game-changing/game breaking options. Sad to see 3 features leaving this section due to DBD devs Patching them but that cannot be helped. With Chods you can rage if you want or be stealthy and subtle, you will find wide range of uses for the features Chods offers. At the price Chods has his cheats you can enjoy a massive amount of game altering experiences when using these features all at an affordable price. 



The most important part of any cheat . Chods does not take any shortcuts here, I've never been banned using Chods cheats for any of the provided EAC titles. You can use Chods cheats without fear of getting banned due to detections and enjoy using all the features to your hearts content. You can feel comfortable knowing your account is safe as long as you don't get yourself recorded and reported. This is 1 of the main reasons i always choose Chods, they do not fear adding rage features and customers do not have to fear detections when I use them.  If this is something you are concerned about, at Chods it is not a concern for customers as you can trust you will be safe.

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