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Honest review after a month of usage


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This will be a short review for the paladins cheat offered by Chod's cheats as well as my first approach. Due to coming from a cs cheating background finding a reputable cheat provider for paladins was bit of a struggle for me as there is a lot of site that appear to be clones/styled very similar. But as per usual I do my normal checks look at the reviews of every cheat making sure nothing is faked along with the media and it gave me enough trust to put into testing. Payment methods are easy enough for people or at least for Americans and Europeans. 


Downloading  straight onto my USB and launching up the cheat is easy as hell and I personally had zero issues with this, though there is guides on the forums stating every single detail along with guides to help with troubleshooting, which is nice to see. After reading the guide, I set my initial delay for the injection, waited for the dialogue box to disappear and the auto ejection of the usb function (I appreciated that, something I don't really see from other cheats) . I launched Paladins and after the set delay, I was greeted with the the the cheat windows for both Visuals and Aimbot.  Both easily to read and setup nicely. 


I did test out both visuals and aimbot in training just so I could understand how everything is, so I'm not looking too obvious in quickplay/ranked but it was quite easy to sort out my settings, just wish we could save a config ;) 


Aimbot works correctly as well as the prediction works quite well with characters that shoot projectiles like Drogoz, you just have to get used to it. As sometimes it will over shoot a bit. But minus that, you can easily play people like Tyra, Strix, Kinessa etc.




As the image shows above the cheat still remains undetected and like the rest of their cheats they are well maintained/updated.  Like I said I've had this cheat for over a month and not been banned/called out in chat (No clue if I've been reported/spoken about in team coms though). Safe to say Chod's security is top notch and they care about their cheats as well as their customers.


Personal Settings

Don't have paladins on rn so can't screenshot sorry. But my fov depends on which characters but it will be around 4-6 with a smooth of 4-6. Though I run silent aim, not sure if I misread/unsure but is silentaim clientside only?. But that's what I run anyways. 



5/5 Works for me. No issues, does what it says. Great work. Already renewed my sub today




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paladin logo wouldnt show smh
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