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wokan's Squad Review


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1) Shout out to the devs for having a reasonable price for this bad assery of a cheat. 

2) So easy to get up and running, the longest part of it was the Bitcoin payment, but that's on the blockchain's part and not the devs. 

3) It's so fun being able to rocket enemies 200-500 meters away with unlimited ammo, rapid fire, and the visual chams. The unlimited stamina and speed hacks come in clutch when you want to get to one point to another. It also works on mortars too. 

Aimbot - The aimbot is not perfect, but it gets the job done. The reason why it's still a 10/10 is because with the perfect settings you can easily hit enemies from hundreds of meters away with prediction. And providing the vast distance, bullet velocity, bullet drop, and enemy movement, I am surprise with how well it works in a game like Squad. 

Visuals - Easily customizable. I wish they showed visuals whiled you used mortars so you can send unlimited mortars to the enemies. 

It's more fun to rage hack on Squad than playing legit hacking. Brought me unlimited hours of entertainment, thanks to chods. 

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