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My Hunt Showdown Review


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Hunt Showdown

Overall: 7/10

ESP: 9/10

The ESP is great I especially love the glow and all of it's customizable features. The reason I'm giving this a 9 is because there is just a slight issue with it like, player names not showing other players' actual usernames and no item esp. But those are just tiny things everything else is great about it.


Aimbot: 8/10
Aimbot is good, however it's really only good when players are standing still you'll hit them no matter what distance while they are visible and not moving.  If they are moving I suggest only doing it if they are right up on your face. My only suggestion that this needs would be prediction to be added and it would be 10/10.

Security: 10/10
Compared to other unnamed providers, this is the only one that has not banned me within a few days of use, or delayed bans. I have used this for weeks and I've been fine (While not playing obvious) Beware however if you do rage all day like I have a few times, you'll be banned the next day for obvious reasons :). 

Injection: 4/10
This is honestly the biggest impact on the review for the moment. Injecting it is simple, Press inject, open game. However you'll be greeted with a guaranteed bluescreen every single time you close the game.  Once this is fixed it would be an easy 10/10.


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