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Squad in-depth review


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I've played 100 hours of Squad now using this cheat and have not been accused, caught or banned in ANY server I've played, even those with active admins. 



As with every other ESP Chod's offers, this one works perfectly, I have yet to find a fault with any of the ESP's on offer, you can customise it to an insane level of detail including active weapons, player names, distance, box and skeleton, even for your own teammates. 



The aimbot for Squad works slightly different from other games in that you're better of using left click, rather than right click as your trigger key, this is because Squad has toggle aim instead of press and hold, meaning holding right click as an aimbot will scope you back out again.


The aimbot is very accurate and works as you shoot so it looks very natural, it can be customised fully with FOV controls, smoothness and body part targeting. Overall, it works very well and even includes features like no sway, no recoil and infinite ammo.



This menu has several unique features including a speed increaser (Though this is risky) but works nicely alongside the infinite sprint toggle.


Rapid fire is a risky feature to use as it looks very unnatural going full auto at a ridiculous level but works if you want to upset people, the same goes for instant hit, a feature that makes your bullets reach your enemy almost instantly.


Grenades can be thrown instantly and with much greater speed, going along with an option to instantly zoom. 



Overall, the menu has a lot of fun features, some that don't work quite right but definitely good value for money, highly recommended.



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