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Bugs in the current Cheat State + Ideas for Future // 6/3/2022

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Hello again,


i decided to make a quick list of everything i noticed what doesnt work correct rn so it might get fixed asap.


- Instant Actions are not working for any Heals. This includes SelfHeal and Healing others (Idk if thats used to be like that)

- When you play as Twins: As soon as you Pounce on a Survivor with Victor the Game Freezes and Crashs

- 2 Killers in one Lobby Option isnt working // not letting the Game start after loading screen

Lobby Information: 
- Onryo and Yoichi are not displayed when in Lobby

- The 4th Perk is missing

- Some Perks are shown like S27P01, maybe its possible to write the full Name of the Perk


Things i would love to see in Future

- Maybe add that you can see the Perks ingame too, as example next to the ESP Box. 

- Color them like the Tiers. As example when Tier 1 Perk the color of the Perk name is yellow, for tier 2 green and tier 3 purple

- Add a Information that you can see if anyone in the Lobby is Streaming on Twitch/Youtube

- For Huntress: No Cooldown with Hatchets/ Unlimited Hatchets

- No Exhaustion after using Dead Hard/Balance Landing/Head On. Or you can use them even when you Exhausted

- Items are not using Charges (Unlimited Flashlight Battery)

- Unlimited Unbreakables

- Option that you can use Hatchets with every Killer


If I notice any more mistakes or think of any more ideas, I will add them here in this post

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On 03/06/2022 at 19:15, Endymion said:

I can confirm that, it will only show 3 perks, even your own


I have a feeling this might be due to the length of the names of the perks themselves; as I have noticed if someone has short worded perks, it'll often display all, 4.  However, once there's long strings involved, it'll cut off the last one; perhaps there's a limit set for string length. 

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